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Our mission is to enable all students to develop their intellectual, social, emotional, and creative potential in a safe and respectful environment. Students will be guided and encouraged to become responsible life-long learners.

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    by Colleen Wood - Thursday, 26 January 2017, 2:17 PM

    Children who will be five years of age by December 31, 2017 will be eligible to attend Kindergarten in September.  Parents will need to bring their child's original birth certificate, CareCard and a proof of address when registering their child.  Please be aware of the following important dates:

    Wednesday, Jan 18 - 6:30 pm Schools of Choice Information Night at Henry Grube Education Centre

    January 30 - February 3 - Schools of Choice Registration Dates

    Thursday, Feb 9 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm   Kindergarten Round-up at the Henry Grube Education Centre

    February 14 - 20 - Neighbourhood Schools Registration

    February Newsletter
    by Sandra Bonderud - Thursday, 26 January 2017, 1:57 PM

    Here is the Newsletter for January...

    (Edited by Colleen Wood - original submission Thursday, 15 December 2016, 11:24 AM)

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    by Colleen Wood - Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 9:21 PM

    Parents/Guardians are invited to the Henry Grube Education Centre on January 30th, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  From 5:00 - 7:00 pm District Staff and Ministry representatives will provide information and address any questions parents may have in relation  to the changes in student learning.  From 7:00 - 8:00 pm small groups will be led by Ministry facilitators, summarizing changes to the education system, addressing parents' questions and encouraging input on student reporting.

    For more information please visit:  engage.gov.bc.ca/yourkidsprogress/

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    by Colleen Wood - Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 12:00 PM

    KBES is now enrolled with the Criminal Records Review Program.  To complete an on-line application, please click on the following link    https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/

    Additional information about the CRRP is available at www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/criminal-records-review/index.htm
    by Sandra Bonderud - Thursday, 6 October 2016, 11:50 AM

    We have implemented a new Safe Arrival system.  Please see below for details: