Summer Reading 

Reading over the summer is a great way to maintain your child's literacy skills.  Be sure to check out the Bright Red Book Bus at its various locations.  Also, you can join the Public Library's Summer Reading Club - offered in a digital format this year.  To get you started you have access to many FREE online book sites.  Click the links below for more information.

Bright Red Book Bus Schedule for Summer 2020

Fun Summer Reading Handout for Parents 

Our school is closed to all visitors

Please be aware that our school is currently closed to all visitors.  Please call (250) 376-5586 to arrange entry.


On-going Activities

 As as school, we regularly teach and remind students, when dealing with peer conflict, to Walk Away, Ignore, Talk It Out, or Seek Help. Through the WITS Program, we are teaching positive conflict resolutions. For more information, please visit the WITS Program website.

Other regularly running activites include our Popcorn Sales and Bannock Sales. Refer to the calendar for upcoming dates.

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